Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hour Two - 8 a.m.

Time Began
8:27 a.m.

Name of Book
Blue Sage by Anne Stuart

Pages Read this hour
(started on Page 91 – ended on 120  )
30 pages

Minutes Read this hour
 33 minutes

Total Pages
62 pages

Total Minutes Read
68 minutes   (1 hour and 8 minutes)

Ellie, who is the sole survivor, is 
taking Charles Jr., the son of the 
killer, around town to gather information 
from others about that day so he can 
determine if he can  find a reason 
why his father did what he did.

The first place they start is at the 
newspaper, reading articles of the
crime.  I think the townspeople are 
curious on what he wants and what
he is doing in town so they gather
at the newspaper hoping to get a 
glimpse however after hours of waiting,
they give up and go about their way.

Charles Jr. wonders why Ellie is helping
him but Ellie’s mind, the more I help him
the faster he can leave. She wants to protect 
everyone from more pain and suffering
however she’s tired of holding it together
and being a person she’s thinks everyone 
wants her to be.

Ellie has only two and half weeks and she
was going to be making a major change, 
this is after they place a monument in the 
park on 4th of July, against her better 
judgment. She believes they already live
too much in the past and don’t need to be
reminded constantly of the pain/suffering.

There was a line in the book that the character,
 Charles Jr. stated – “You can’t change the past,
 no matter how bad you want to”

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