Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hour 6 - 12 noon

Time Began
12: 20 p.m.

Name of Book
Blue Sage by Anne Stuart

Pages Read this hour
(started on Page  233  - ended on 290)

Minutes Read this hour

Total Pages

Total Minutes Read
216 minutes  

Charles comes to say goodbye to Ellie and asked her for a favor – not to attend the ceremony because he’s afraid another person is going to do what his father did. 

He left and she was confused and didn’t want him to go without her so try to find him and did at his father’s graveside.   In the midst of their conversation a bullet rings out and hits Ellie in the arm, they duck for cover and get to the cabin.  Charles cleans up her arm and then leaves to get things in order and after he leaves the culprit of the attacks approaches Ellie, and lo in behold, it’s Poor Lonnie, as the town’s folk calls him, he is behind all of the animal killings and all.  He threatens to kill Ellie but decides no, she will live and be once again the sole survivor, taking once again all the ones she loves.  He leaves her tied up to chair and off he goes to the memorial service commences the monument in the park. All the while Ellie is trying to get free to stop him, she hears a car come and thinks its either Lonnie, changing his mind to kill her or Tanner, as she calls him, and when Tanner appears she tells him that it’s Lonnie and they have to stop him. Tanner is not all surprised and they drive to the ceremony expecting Lonnie to be in the exact same place Tanner’s father was and but it wasn’t. He was direct in the crowd.  Ellie goes up to surprise and distract Lonnie while Tanner goes and comes up from behind.  When Lonnie sees Ellie, he stands up goes for the gun and then Tanner tackles him, gun drops and Tanner secures him until the Sheriff arrives.

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