Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hour Five - 11 a.m.

Time Began
11:20 a.m.

Name of Book
Blue Sage by Anne Stuart

Pages Read this hour
(started on Page  196  - ended on 233)

Minutes Read this hour

Total Pages

Total Minutes Read
176 minutes  

At that point Charles decided to just to get up and go. Leave town however after 4 hours of walking and getting to the meadow he already decided to turn and go back. He couldn’t leave Ellie there to take all this heat.  He had to finish what he set out to do.  Find answers to why his father did what he did.  But thought he would just return the next morning what he didn’t count on Ellie finding him and asking him to come back.

Upon return they stopped at the general store and Ellie went in but was immediately surrounded with an angry father and others telling her that she betrayed them hanging out with the murderer’s son and Lonnie telling her they were disappointed in her.  After Ellie didn’t return to the car, Charles walked in and realized the situation and pulled her out and made a comment to them something to the effect of how they should be ashamed of themselves.

He takes Ellie home and tells her that he’s sorry he got her involved and that he’s going to be wrapping this up and moving on. 

She doesn’t see him again until the day before the 4th of July celebration where she wakes up with an eerie feeling of doom.

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