Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hour Three

Time Began: 9:25 a.m.                         Hour Three - This hour I read:
Name of Book:
Sunshine by Pat Warren
Pages Read this hour:
Minutes Read this hour:
35 minutes
Total Pages Read:
Total Minutes Read:
125 minutes
Sunshine passed her exams and has even kept a major account. She is feeling very confident in her new role. She is coming to realize that she had been depending on her husband too much and not thinking or doing for herself and making her own decisions.  The financial advisor, David, is showing more interest and took her out to a carnival and they ended up snowbound at her house.  Trivial Pursuit to keep occupied.  Her son finally told her that he didn’t want to take over the business he wanted to be a cartoonist. She gave her 100% support of his decision. She is even thinking down the line – insurance life isn’t her calling either but at the time it’s bringing in the money – man, don’t I have the same feeling. In some ways, this is hitting way too close to home.


  1. Have fun reading! Just chill!!

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