Friday, October 21, 2011

2011 Books for Read A Thon

Above is my stack of books that I have for the 10/22/11 Read-a-Thon. I'm so excited about participating again with my best friend, Jenn and her husband, Richard.  

One for the Money - Jenn & I are going to read this one together - we'll see if we like it or not - one may and one may not - we shall see

Sunshine - by Pat Warren - Welcome to Tyler series - 6th book in the series and which I read the first 3 the last read-a-thon and read 4th & 5th afterwards. 

Arrowpoint- by Suzanne Ellison - Welcome to Tyler series - 7th book (not pictured) 
Bachelor's Puzzle by Ginger Chambers- Welcome to Tyler - 8th book 
Milky Way - Muriel Jensen - Welcome to Tyler - 9th book 
Crossroads - Marisa Carroll - Welcome to Tyler - 10th book
Courthouse Steps - Ginger Chambers - Welcome to Tyler -  11th book 
Loveknot - Marisa Carroll - Welcome to Tyler - 12th and final book 
Every Breath you take by Judith McNaught


  1. Good thing someone else had a copy of arrowpoint, huh? ;)

  2. Yup definitely - where would I be without my best friend, huh?